PHA Taxation

Taxation, both personal and corporate can be a costly and complicated area. At PHA Taxation we will remove the hassle from remaining tax compliant and ensure that you stay on the right side of the Revenue Commissioners.

On the personal side we can assist in producing your annual tax return, ensuring that you maximise your income and claim any reliefs and credits applicable to you. We can also give advice on managing your income to ensure you maximise your earning potential in the medium and long-term. Why wait until the October deadline to get your returns in order? We can do the work for you early in the year so you have plenty of time to plan your cash-flow or even get that all important refund as early as possible.

For businesses, taxation is a more regular and more complicated area. VAT, PAYE and Corporation Tax to name but 3. We will assist you to review your operations to ensure you are up to date with all filings and ensure that you minimise your tax bill wherever possible.

We will also keep you fully up to date with any updates and changes in revenue law and practice.