Electronic Tax Clearance Cert

Electronic Tax Clearance Cert

Revenue have introduced new procedures for applying for your tax clearance cert which came into effect from 1st January 2016.

From the 1st of January 2016 all applications for tax clearance will be made through the new online eTax Clearance system. The up-to-date tax clearance status of customers will be available to be checked by Public Service Bodies, taxpayers and their agents online on an ongoing basis as required.

Applicants will apply for Tax Clearance in the new eTC system and will be given a Tax Clearance Access NumberĀ which they will give to the Public Service Body who requires it to verify their tax clearance status.

The Public Service Body will use the PPSN/Tax reference and the Tax Clearance Access Number to verify the Tax Clearance status of the applicant via Revenue’s On-Line Service (ROS).

This change also means that tax clearance certs can be withdrawn during the period if a taxpayers stops being compliant with revenue.

For further information on the new electronic tax clearance cert system or to find out how to apply for your TCC contact us at Paul Haycock Accountants.


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