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B-Sm@rk in the News

We were delighted to see our client B-Sm@rk appear in last week’s Irish Times. The piece by Olive Keogh gives a background on where the company has come from and where its is going, and let us tell you there are exciting times ahead!!!

B-Sm@rk have developed software to help brands capture and report on emotional reactions which will help them to build stronger customer loyalty to their brand.

Click the link to see the article on the Irish Times website – B-Sm@rk in the Irish Times

If you want to find out more about B-Sm@rk get in touch with us and we will pass your details to Nicola and the team.

Refund Claims Deadline

The revenue Commissioners have advised all people who pay income tax that there is a four year limit for claiming a refund of income tax and allowable tax credits. That means the deadline for claiming a refund for the year ended 2011 is December 31st 2015.


If you think you have any allowable deductions, for example medical expenses, pension contributions, rent relief you have less than a month to submit your claim.


If you want further information make sure you give us a call in Paul Haycock Accountants and talk to our PHA Taxation team.